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Students, get your Mo's ready!


Left to right Shawnee Rocchetti, Melissa Lemaire and April Lawrence are the three judges for the Movember contest held on November 30, in the newsroom. Photo by Laine Sedore.

By Laine Sedore

A moustache is a thing of beauty and students at Loyalist College are going to get a chance to show it.

As part of Movember, three Loyalist College journalism students will be holding a contest judging students at the college on their moustache.

Shawnee Rocchetti a first year journalism student one of the moustache judges, said Movember is a great cause.

“It’s something that everyone is doing, but I hope that after it’s all finished it raises some awareness for the actual cause,” she said.

Students who enter the contest will be judged by the style and thickness of their moustache.

Melissa Lemaire, one of the judges, said Movember is an interesting time of the year.

“It was fun watching my classmates last year, especially the guys, they go from full out beards to nothing, it’s really strange,” she said. “It’s more of a fun event, it’s something to do especially with the change in seasons.”

With Movember entering its final days, the contest will give students a chance to show off theMo, that they worked so hard on throughout the month.

April Lawrence, a judge,said the contest is a way to get involved.

“It’s a chance for people to participate in something, get involved with a little aside type thing from everything else we have to do in our requirements for the day,” she said.

The Moustache judging contest will be held in the Qnet Newsroom in 1N9 at the College on November 30. If you wish to donate to the Loyalist Mo-Crew and the Movember cause visit: http://ca.movember.com/mospace/1867306/