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Meditation group moves to attract more business

By Melissa DiNardo

Lynda Sutherland-Taylor moved her meditation practice to a wellness centre to attract more attention to her services in Belleville.

The meditation group met for their first time on Wednesday, Feb. 15 and is offered every Wednesday at 157 Front Street, Unit 104. There is a $10 fee for the drop-in meditation with 10 per cent of the proceeds going to the Three Oaks Foundation.

According to Sutherland-Taylor as stress builds in every day life, people tend to forget to designate time geared towards healing of self.  Meditation regulates the breath and the thinking process of the mind, slowing everything down so that people are able to work out challenges in their lives.
Sutherland-Taylor believed the wellness center would attract more people looking for healing. Sutherland-Taylor is a Reiki master and does Reiki treatments throughout the week. She also conducts meditation groups in the evenings.

Sutherland-Taylor’s aim during a chakra meditation class is to align and cleanse the chakras, which improves the health of the individual. The meditation class for beginners is to “wake up the chakras and to build a connection with each person to their internal self,” said Sutherland-Taylor. “It also releases traumas and blockages that do not allow the energy to flow properly to the chakras.”

Sutherland-Taylor has been a Reiki master for the last 15 years and also offers classes for people interested in becoming healers.
“The main objective is to “allow each participant to connect with their higher self and feel more relaxed and self-assured,” said Sutherland-Taylor.
“Reiki is a form of energy healing,” she said.

“Through the universal divine this universal life force flows onto you, you may experience many different feelings and or emotional releases.”

Sutherland-Taylor said she has helped many over the years dealing with cancer and other traumas.

“Reiki is very beneficial for the symptoms that arise from the use of cancer treatments,” said Sutherland-Taylor.

“My cancer clients claim that Reiki has helped with pain management, in relaxation, and side effects of treatment like nausea and stomach pains.”