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'Best accordion player in Canada"

By: Mark Tarnovetsky

Jamie Spurvey had heard his calling.

After placing first place at the ninth annual Havelock Country Idol last year Spurvey has made a name for himself in Canada. Aside from performing at music festivals, Spurvey also frequently does shows at local pubs in Eastern Ontario, grinding his way toward his dream.

Spurvey’s mother, Dana Spurvey, has pictures of him holding a guitar when he was seven years old. It was when he turned 10 years old that his parents decided to get him music lessons. His uncle, Dave Spurvey, who lived with him at his home, was an accomplished accordion player, and heavily inspired his nephew during his upbringing.

“He is one of the best accordion players in Canada.”

Spurvey started out playing the accordion but eventually would trade it for the country twang sound made famous by country stars such as Alan Jackson, Randy Travis and other “great musicians.”

Spurvey was raised in a military family, drifting between homes across Canada.

Born in St. John’s Newfoundland, Spurvey followed in the footsteps of his father. He joined the Canadian Forces after graduating from high school.  After spending two years with the Forces, Spurvey received an honorable discharge to pursue a music career.

“Everyone told me when I was growing up that I was going to do something musical. I always made money from music but I didn’t see the big picture.”

Things changed when a personal friend and mentor, country musician John Landry, began to help Spurvey with his songwriting.

Landry said to me, “I believe you can do this,” and that is when the musical dream dawned on him.

“This is coming from someone who’s done it, and I’m going to give it a shot.”

Spurvey’s destiny continued branching out last year after coming into contact with his current manager, Greg Verner.

“Jamie is a dynamic voice. But beyond his singing and songwriting he is an amazing person,” Verner says. He describes their professional relationship as a friendship that has grown greatly.

“Jamie is focused and committed and together we remain determined to reach for the stars.”

Spurvey is now working on putting out a debut album through Iguana Studios, putting the final touches on the mixing and mastering of the material. Spurvey is hoping for a release of his album later this year.

Even though the draw of success in the big city is tempting, Spurvey has no plans on leaving his roots. When it comes to living “definitely has to be in the country.”