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New mom celebrates graduation with baby boy

By Shelden Rogers

With the company of her newborn baby boy, Kristine Snider proudly accepted her Ontario College diploma at Loyalist College today.

Snider, along with 420 other Loyalist College students, received their diplomas and certificates today at the 46th annual convocation ceremonies.

Students from the schools of building sciences, human studies, health sciences and justice studies were all recognized.

Snider graduated from the Developmental Services Program, making the deans list.

Snider has a brother with severe autism, and graduating in this program means a lot to her.

“It’s a big deal that I can go out and help people like him and others,” said Snider.

She also spent the last part of her college experience pregnant with her baby boy, making these ceremonies extra special.

“Now graduating means that much more to me because I have something that I can show my child that I did and be proud of it,” she said.

Snider is excited to jump into the working world with the company of her new month old boy.

“Right now my baby is my priority, but I hope to have him involved with my career in the future, introduce him to the people that I’m working with and I hope that helps him be raised with a good sense of community and a desire to help other people too,” said Snider.

Loyalist College president Maureen Piercy was on stage to congratulate each and every student.

Piercy said this is the most exciting time of the year and she is extremely proud of all graduating students.

“It’s a really special feeling as I congratulate each student as they walk across the stage, and wish them well, tell them how proud we are of them and tell them to enjoy their careers because they have a wonderful life ahead,” said Piercy

Proud parents also stood by to watch their sons and daughters walk across the stage.

Gabriele and Garry Stearns are both very proud of their daughter Sarah who graduated on the deans list in the Developmental Services program.

“This is something she has always wanted to do, and she has achieved it really well. High marks and worked really hard, it’s great to see,” said Gabriele.

Gabriele said Sarah always wants to help people in any way she can.

But even though she graduated today, Garry said it doesn’t change the way he treats his daughter.

“She will always be our baby. Dad’s always like to control their daughter, and I still say she has to show me all the boy friends,” said Garry.