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Country music festival focuses on young talent

By Mo Cranker

The Country Roads Music Festival is this weekend in Napanee Ontario showcasing local talents from all over the province.

From June 20 to 23the Country Roads Music Festival is taking place in Napanee with performers from across Ontario playing new and classic country music.

Organizer Dennis Whitty said there is a focus on youth.

”A lot of the performers are young, 11 to 19 years old, a lot of them are students just trying to make a couple extra bucks,” he said.

The Country Roads Music Festival allows people of all ages to showcase their musical talents or enjoy a good day full of music.

People can also bring pets to the shows but are not encouraged in the actual showing area.

Day passes are available for varying prices throughout the weekend. Weekend passes are available for $65 at the gate. Children under 12 years of age get free entry into the concerts.