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Sears gives a boost to 2013 United Way campaign

By Jordan Merkley

Sears Belleville provided the United Way of Quinte with a kickstart donation to their 2013 fundraising campaign earlier this week.

The 2013 campaign is not scheduled to begin until September 5th, but the loyal associates at Sears decided to donate early with a cheque for $5,795.

Sears has been sponsoring the United Way of Quinte for a number of years. Their total contributions during that time total well over $600,000. Their continued efforts are much appreciated, said Judi Gilbert, executive director of United Way of Quinte in a press release.

As well as Sears, United Way of Quinte receives donations and sponsorship from over 200 businesses each year, according to Resource Development Manager Curt Flewelling. All of these come from within Hastings and Prince Edward counties.

One major fundraiser for the United Way of Quinte is their Workplace Campaign, where employees will donate money through their paychecks. The community warehouse sales are also major fundraisers.

“These are heavily supported by product that is donated to us from Procter and Gamble,” said Flewelling.

Last year’s campaign raised over $1.95 million.

“Donations received from workplaces was about 75 percent of the total campaign last year,” Flewelling said. “About 18 per cent came from online donations including service clubs, foundations, and the general public.”

United Way of Quinte was able to fund more than 70 programs in 45 local health and social service not-for-profit organizations last year. Their goal is to make fundamental changes to the community, and improve quality of life.