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Pro-lifers rally in Belleville to protest government-funded abortions

By Erin Stewart

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About a dozen people showed for the pro-life protest today in Belleville. Photo by Erin Stewart

Pro-life protesters gathered in front of Todd Smith’s office in Belleville Thursday to protest against funded abortions.

The main focus was to protest tax money funding abortions.

Willie Kuttschrutter organized the protest for Campaign Life in Belleville. She says today is good timing for the rallies.

“Parliament is in session so this is a good time to remind them and have them speak up for us, for all the taxpayers, not just us,” she says.

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Protests were going on across the country today. Photo by Erin Stewart

Jane Langabeer is a protester who is part of the Quinte Right to Life Association. She said this issue is a big problem.

“It is a problem because they are using my tax dollars and I do not agree with taking the life of unborn children. Yet I am forced to pay through my tax dollars for abortion and I don’t believe in it,” she said.

Langabeer said she hopes to change Todd Smith’s mind about government-funded abortions and get him to discuss the topic with other MPPs at Queen’s Park.

“If we change Todd Smith’s mind, he’s a good father himself, he is one of the coaches of my granddaughter’s hockey team. I know he’s a family man and I can’t believe that he believes in taking the life of unborn children,” she said.

Protests took place in several provinces across the country today. Twelve people attended the protest in Belleville. Todd Smith was unavailable for comment.