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Pharmacists now give flu shot


By Katy Burley

BELLEVILLE – Pharmacies have opened their doors to help the community fight the flu this season, and for Jayme Miranda it’s an exciting experience.

Miranda has lived in Canada for 10 years; for eight of those years, she has worked as a pharmacist, currently at Metro Pharmacy on North Front Street. She said she is looking forward to her first year administering the flu shot.

Pharmacists were given the right to give the flu shot last year, but this is the first year for many of them to jump on board. Many pharmacies have had flu clinics in previous years, but they have had nurses come in to give the shot.

“I like this opportunity given to us. It is nice to be able to expand our role as a pharmacist,” Miranda said. “It always makes me feel good to be of service to our community.”

Miranda said it is challenging to have the extra responsibility, especially in busy pharmacies, but she isn’t stressing about it.

“I don’t think it’s unfair. You just need to prioritize things. Do what needs to be done first, and attend to the other things later in the day.”

Miranda said she only got brief training before being, as she put it, “thrown to the wolves.” She said her first few shots were the hardest – her hands were shaking.

“At first it was very nerve-wracking,” she said. “I try to stay as composed as possible … The more you do it, the more comfortable you get.”

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