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Supporting Movember in a different way

BELLEVILLE – Brent Waldie stacks the empties he is donating to the "Movember" cause. Photo by Riley Maracle [1]

BELLEVILLE – Brent Waldie stacks the empties he is donating to the Movember cause. Photo by Riley Maracle

By Riley Maracle

BELLEVILLE – November – or, as some people refer to it, “Movember” – is known as a month to grow facial hair, but others are trying to contribute in any way they can.

Loyalist student Brent Waldie and friends came up with the idea of collecting beer empties to help raise money for the Movember cause, which is men’s health.

“My older brother started a campaign on the Movember page, and I saw that and thought it would be kind of cool, and I didn’t know how to do it through the website. Then I spent a couple nights out drinking and then I thought, ‘I know I have at least $35 (in empties) in my room,’ so I thought maybe if everyone pitched in together, even if it was only like $35 a building, it would add up to be quite a bit of money.”

Waldie said he hasn’t set a goal for the amount of money he would like to raise but any little bit helps.

“My aim would be $100, but I couldn’t give an accurate estimate on how much we will actually earn,” he said. “But if we don’t raise $100 I will put my own money in to make it at least that number.”

Waldie is storing the empties in a storage building on residence. He’s got about 400 so far, he said.

The project began a couple of weeks into November. “The message went out on Nov. 15, and then from that point on we planned to have three pickup dates – two during the month, and one at the very end of the month,” Waldie said.

He posted on the Loyalist College Residence Facebook page encouraging people to contact him if they were interested in donating. He hasn’t received as much feedback from Facebook as he would like, he said, but it has spread very well through word of mouth.

If you’d like to donate your empties to the Movember cause, contact Waldie through his Facebook page here [2].