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No buses cancelled because of weather, Belleville Transit says

By Matthew Blair

BELLEVILLE – Freezing rain wasn’t an issue for city bus riders this morning, a Belleville Transit official says.

Matt Coffey, Belleville Transit’s manager, said that as far as he knew, no buses were cancelled because of the weather.

But Loyalist College students reported that there was only one bus running to the college. Normally there are two.

“There’s always people waiting for a second bus after the first one, but everyone waiting was told to get on the first bus,” said journalism student Katy Burley. “Everyone had to push back as far as they could because they still had to pick people up. It was very crowded.”

Fellow journalism student Katie Coleman said, “It was really packed. I couldn’t even see my friend at the front of the bus.”

And Suzanne Coolen, who is also in the journalism program, said she had to wait for the bus to come back on its next round:

“I waited half an hour because the bus was full the first time.”

Belleville Transit’s Coffey told QNet News: “A staff member may have phoned in and the route may have been taken off this morning. But it’s extremely rare for city transit to ever cancel a route for an entire day.”

A freezing-rain warning issued early this morning for Belleville and area has since ended.

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