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No word on future of casino in Belleville

By Matthew Blair

BELLEVILLE – There are still questions about if and when Belleville will get a casino.

Monday night at city council, Councillor Jodie Jenkins called for an update on the possible casino. Jenkins told QNet News Tuesday morning that he didn’t get any answers, although
Mayor Neil Ellis did say the casino would not be built at Millennium Drive and Highway 62. That site was one that a potential developer of the casino had wanted, but city council voted to oppose it.

The plan for the casino was announced in 2012.

Jenkins strongly opposes a casino in Belleville. He compared it to an episode of the TV series The Simpsons in which a developer promises a great deal of money from a project to the city of Springfield, but it ends up being a flop:

http://www.qnetnews.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/jodie-jenkins-casino-interview.mp3 [1] Ellis was unavailable for comment Tuesday morning. A staffer in his office told QNet News that a meeting between the mayor and the Ontario Lottery and

Gaming Corp. that was supposed to happen Monday had been cancelled. There are no details yet on what the meeting was about or if it has been rescheduled.