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Snow-squall watch for Belleville

Winter sidewalk in Belleville [1]

BELLEVILLE – A sidewalk remains snow-covered Monday after a weekend of active weather. Photo by Suzanne Coolen

By Suzanne Coolen

BELLEVILLE – There is a snow-squall watch in effect for Belleville.

The area could see blowing snow and wind gusts of up to 60 km/hr this afternoon, persisting into Wednesday.

The watch comes after a weekend of dangerous winter weather that caused many highway closures and over 1,600 vehicle accidents across Southern Ontario. The squalls continued on Monday, resulting in schools being closed and classes being cancelled at Loyalist College.

Police have urged drivers to show caution and drive according to weather conditions.

But winter safety cautions don’t just apply to driving. The Belleville Fire Department is warning people that snow buildup around the home can also be dangerous.

On Saturday, the department responded to a call about a natural-gas smell at 20 Princeton Place. It was determined that snow buildup around the outside fresh-air pipe and furnace exhaust pipe was causing the gas smell. The odour was eliminated once the snow was cleared.

The department is reminding residents to check their gas, furnace, fireplace and water-heater exhaust pipes for snow accumulation. If you or a neighbour needs help clearing pipes, you can contact the duty captain at 613-962-1010.