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There’s lots more winter still ahead, Environment Canada says

By Shelby Wye

BELLEVILLE – As January comes to an end, many are looking forward to the first signs of spring. But Environment Canada meteorologists don’t need a groundhog to let them know that this winter isn’t anywhere near to coming to an end.

Marie-Ève Giguère of Environment Canada says we can expect worse storms next week than the ones we’ve already seen.

“What is unusual is the stubborn weather pattern,” Giguère said. “The high-pressure system over the U.S. and the cold airs from the north are trapping (Eastern Ontario) with this bad weather.”

Snow squalls like the area experienced Monday and Wednesday of this week have happened because Lake Ontario doesn’t freeze entirely, she explained: “Snow squalls are caused when freezing air comes over warm water.”

There has to be a very specific wind to cause these storms, she said, and it’s relatively uncommon for this area.

While temperatures will be close to the seasonal average this weekend, the Belleville area has been well below usual temperatures this winter, Giguère said.

Environment Canada expects the harsh, wintry conditions to continue well into February, she said.