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Loyalist on the fence about Olympics

By Amanda Lorbetski

BELLEVILLE – The Sochi Olympics [1] may be a thing of the past, but Loyalist College [2]is still abuzz about the games.

Canada won 25 medals overall [3], finishing third in the number of gold medals earned.

Loyalist students and staff told QNet News that the standout moments for them were the women’s and men’s hockey teams capturing gold [4].

But those who didn’t tune in to the games said it was because the event was too politicized, too unorganized and too expensive.

Here’s what they had to say.


Bradley Hart, 19

Second-year Television and New Media Production [5] student

Favourite moment: Canada’s men’s hockey team defeating Sweden in the gold medal game


Kevin Glover, 22 [7]

Second-year Protection, Security and Investigation [8] student

Favourite moment: Jonathan Toews’ gold medal winning goal for Team Canada


Raylene Mayhew, 23

First-year Accounting [10]student

Favourite moment: Watching Canada’s men’s hockey team battle for the gold medal, with her boyfriend at 7 a.m. Sunday


Jake Sandison

Professor/Coordinator of Teaching and Learning, Loyalist College

Reason for watching: Tuning in with his family to see the sense of community among the world’s athletes


Jessica Saint-Dic, 20

First-year Child and Youth Worker [13]student

Reason for watching: Olympics are interesting and Canada’s solid performance


Bryan Dunham

Athletic Therapist, Loyalist College

Favourite moment: Canada taking home medals in hockey and curling – the country’s defining sports


Brittni Dejong, 23

Second-year Protection, Security and Investigation student

Reason for watching: Likes Olympic hockey because it’s more intense than the NHL


Ashley Solmes, 19

First-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree [17]student

Favourite moment: Canada’s women’s hockey team making a comeback for the gold medal against the United States


Greg Robertson, 18

First-year Radio Broadcasting [19]student

Favourite moment: Capturing gold in both women’s and men’s hockey


Carissa Wannamaker, 20

First-year Community and Justice Services student

Reason for not watching: Prefers NHL hockey to Olympic hockey


Meghan Beatty, 20

First-year Community and Justice Services [22] student

Overall thoughts: Olympic committee wasn’t prepared to host the games


Matt Cassidy, 21

First-year Television and New Media Production student

Reason for not watching: Olympics are too political, so they do more bad than good.



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