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Grandmothers to join Tyendinaga protests

By Amanda Lorbetski

BELLEVILLE – The uproar is growing in Tyendinaga as a group of grandmothers are set to join the protest against the disappearance of aboriginal women nationwide Thursday.

The grandmothers will join protestors in a blockade on Shannonville Road at 1 p.m., making a statement against the mistreatment of women during International Women’s Week, the group said in a press release.

But officials say these efforts won’t likely catch the eyes of the federal government.

The cause is something Prince Edward-Hastings Member of Parliament Daryl Kramp said he supports.

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But, when asked by QNet News if the Tyendinaga protest will convince the federal government to launch an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women, Kramp said don’t count on it.

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He adds protestors are unaware of the government’s progress on the issue.

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Donald Maracle, chief of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, supports the idea of a national inquiry.

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The council is not directly involved with the protest. Maracle said the issue is about more than just safety so it’s about time parliamentary action is taken. However, he doesn’t agree with the tactics protestors are using to get the message out.

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Jackie Perry, media relations officer for the Napanee Ontario Provincial Police, said drones are new technology to the force. She said they’re used to keep tabs on the location and size of the protest.

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