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Distracted driving concerns Loyalist students

By Morgan Davy [1]

BELLEVILLE – The Ontario Provincial Police launched a campaign on March 8 to crack down on drivers who put others at risk with their distracted driving. QNet News asked Loyalist College students if they had any experiences involving distracted driving. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Ashley Williams is a first year television new media student. Williams says that she has had a few close calls on the high way, all were a result of other drivers using their phones.

Nathan Zbeetnoff, a first year photo journalism student, rides a motorcycle in the summer. He says that because he is smaller than a car, his number one concern is that other motorists cannot see him.

Adrienne Powell is a first year photo journalism student. She says her friend is notorious for using her phone while driving, even when she has passengers.

Matt Mensen, a second year environmental technologist student, says he had just got his licence when he rear-ended a vehicle because he was eating.

Evan Mutton, a second year protection, security and investigation student, says he sees drivers almost every day using their phones on the 401.

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