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Higher traffic fines coming

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The proposed bill would increase fines for traffic violations both motorist- and cyclist-related.

By Morgan Davy [2]

BELLEVILLE – A new road safety bill proposed by the Ontario government is trying to make it easier for everyone to share the road.

The bill would increase fines for violations by both motorists and cyclists related.

Traffic officer Rob Travers of the Belleville Police [3] says cyclist safety is important in all cities, and motorists need to adjust accordingly.

“Every community, no matter where you go, bikes are going to be there, especially in the summer weather. And it’s a sign of the times with people trying to reduce their gasoline consumption and going green. Bicycles are here to stay. Some people might not like them, but they do have to share the roads.”

People who open a car door and cut off a cyclist could see fines of up to $1,000 and a three demerit points. Meanwhile, cyclists who do not have the proper lights or reflectors on their bikes could be fined up to $500.

Travers said these laws already exist with lower fines, but a lot of the time offenders don’t get the message until it costs them money.

“Community members and stakeholders have been complaining that the fines weren’t significant enough, and now they’re staring to put those steps in place where they’re going to be showing that this is, in fact, an issue. People tend to only listen when it affects their pocketbook.”

Travers is urging everyone to put safety first and stay alert while on the road.

For more information on the new fines click here [4].



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