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Loyalist may lower passing grade for courses, matching other colleges

Loyalist-Banner [1]By Riley Maracle [2]

BELLEVILLE – Loyalist College [3] is discussing lowering the grade needed to pass a course to 50 per cent.

This would change the pass grade from the 60 per cent that it sits at now. Students would be required to have a grade point average of 60 per cent to graduate but could successfully pass a class with a grade of 50.

The change would put Loyalist in line with the pass-grade policy of almost every other college in Ontario, John McMahon, the college’s vice-president (academic), said in outlining the proposal to faculty and staff Friday.

Second-year student Sean Bennet, who is in the Child Service Worker program, said he is happy to hear of the possible change.

“It would be awesome. I know it will reduce my stress for sure.”

Kyle Cathcart, a first-year Welding and Fabrication student, disagreed with Bennet. He said the change might lower students’ drive to succeed.

“I think it will be bad because I feel it will give the students the opportunity to not try as hard as they would if the passing grade stayed.”

But Dawson Clatworthy, also of the Welding and Fabrication program, said he would feel less worry if the pass grade were lowered.

“I would like it, because some of my classes are a bit challenging and others aren’t,” Clatworthy said.

The possible change in policy, which is still being discussed, would potentially begin this September.