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Impaired driving, licence suspension case adjourned

By Amanda Lorbetski [1]

A 30 year-old man appeared in provincial court April 3 on charges of driving with a suspended licence [2] and driving under the influence of alcohol [3].

He was arrested on March 2.

The man told the court he wanted to resolve the matter as soon as possible, asking for an early pre-trial date.

He said he is working toward qualifying for Ontario’s Reduced Suspension with Ignition Interlock Conduct Review Program [4].

The province-wide program gives those convicted of a first-time alcohol-impaired driving charge the opportunity to minimize the amount of time their licence is suspended.  Participants must meet a certain set of criteria, including having an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle.  An in-vehicle breathalyzer is connected to the ignition and measures the amount of alcohol on the driver’s breath, preventing them from driving impaired.

The defendant asked Justice Stephen Hunter to put the case over for one week so that he can pay his outstanding fine. That would make him eligible for the program.

He is scheduled to appear in court April 9.



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