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Another voice in support of the arts…

Belleville - Dona Knudsen, chair of Belleville Art Assocation. [1]

Belleville – Dona Knudsen, chair of Belleville Art Association.

By Bevan Hamilton

BELLEVILLE – Belleville Art Association chair Dona Knudsen says the city needs to do more to help the arts community.

QNet News spoke with Knudsen last week as part of our Municipal Election Project.  Knudsen says the arts need to be higher on future council’s priority list.

One of the problems Knudsen sees is a lack of education and awareness about the arts.

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Knudsen says there needs to be more communication between local government and the arts community.

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One other problem Knudsen cited was that there’s not enough promotion or marketing of the arts in Belleville as a means to attract people.

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Knudsen said she “hopes the next council has the foresight to say we need to create a village downtown and that village has to have arts and culture.”