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Media to politics – Bill Glisky says he wants to be Belleville’s next mayor

By Greg Murphy [1], Bevan Hamilton [2], and Suzanne Coolen [3]

Another hat has been thrown into the ring to be the new mayor of Belleville.

Bill Glisky, former managing editor of the Belleville Intelligencer [4], announced his candidacy for mayor in an announcement at Century Place this morning, Tuesday, May 20.

Glisky spoke at length about continuing the Build Belleville project [5]. He said Belleville should build its tax base by collecting “fewer taxes from more people rather than more taxes from fewer people”.

He voiced his support of Adrian Bax’s [6] proposal for downtown [7] Belleville and said he believes the city will eventually approve of the plans.

Glisky also talked about the need to create stronger partnerships with social and not-for-profit agencies, neighbourhood communities, sports groups, and cultural and arts groups.

Glisky engages media for first time as mayoral candidate [8] from QNet News [9] on Vimeo [10].

Glisky said one issue that needs to be addressed is making it easier for small businesses to get started.

“City Hall should make it as easy as possible for small businesses to get up and running in this city. Not just downtown, but everywhere in this city.”

Glisky said that’s the number one thing the city needs to move forward with.

Concluding the press conference, Glisky said while he made the decision to run for mayor quickly, he didn’t make it lightly.

“I am under no illusions that running for mayor or being mayor is in any way easy. It will take determination, it will take passion, and it will take energy. I have every one of those things and a great deal of all of them, especially passion for this community and this city.”

Glisky was let go of his position at the paper last Tuesday. He joins local contractor Lonnie Herrington [11] as the only mayoral candidates to date.

Residents go to the polls October 27.

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