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Local sports facilitator hopes to see continued support for Belleville’s sports community

Dick Howe coaches the Loyalist College men's rugby team. [1]

Dick Howe coaches the Loyalist College men’s rugby team.

By Bevan Hamilton [2]

BELLEVILLE – Dick Howe says the only thing he wants to see from future council is continued support of the sports and recreation community.

Howe describes himself as being involved in a little bit of every part of Belleville’s sports community. He runs the Belleville Minor Football league and coaches the Loyalist College men’s rugby team, among other things.

QNetNews talked with Howe for our Municipal Election Project.

Howe says Belleville has a healthy sports community and praised the city’s facilities as being “one of the best in the province”.

Howe talks about what he hopes to see from future council.

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We asked Howe some specific questions about key issues in Belleville. One is the future of the Yardmen Arena. Howe said he thinks the arena needs to be upgraded, calling it ‘outdated’, but questioned whether the expense would be worth the return. He said council has other expenditures such as the police station and fire hall which could ultimately be more important than upgrading the Yardmen Arena.

But that said, Howe says keeping the Bulls in Belleville — their least expires at the end of next season — is very important.

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We also asked Howe what he thinks about the proposed casino coming to Belleville.

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