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Low water in Quinte spawns important meeting in Belleville

By Michelle Poirier

After a year of severe low water conditions in the region, Quinte Conservation is hosting a public meeting to help people deal with water consumption.

Every Drop Counts Water Conservation Night is intended for people who want to help solve the problem and learn how they can better conserve water. The meeting is taking place on  June 25th from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Quinte Conservation Office, 2061 Old Highway 2, Belleville.

Communications Manager at Quinte Conservation Jennifer May-Anderson believes it is important that people attend this event.

“Last year we had a severe low water season. During most of the summer we were in low water condition. It’s important for people to understand how precious a resource water is and learn and how to conserve,” she said.

Lucille Fragomeni, Source Water Communications Coordinator, will be speaking to guests about the importance of water conservation. She will be talking about water in our world, how we value water, our water use, and the cost of water. She will also be giving tips on how everyone can conserve water.