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Chilling display urges students not to text and drive

Damaged truck [1]

A truck involved in an accident caused by distracted driving was on display outside the Kente Building. Photo by Martin Irvine

By Martin Irvine [2]

BELLEVILLE – Staff and students of Loyalist College probably noticed the truck on the walkway in front of the Kente Building last week. The truck was in bad shape – it had been in an accident a year ago. According to Carson Cross, training supervisor at the Belleville fire department, the department had to reattach some parts of the truck before it could be used for its intended purpose.

That purpose was to demonstrate the dangers of distracted driving [3]. Cross describes distracted driving as being anything from texting to speaking with a passenger. It can be deadly, he says: in the past year, more people have been killed because of distracted driving than as a result of drinking and driving.

A poster attached to the fence surrounding the truck showed chilling before-and-after photographs of the truck. Organizers said they hoped the photos would properly show the damage that distracted driving can cause.

Here is the full report from 91X News [4]:

http://www.qnetnews.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/distracted-driving.mp3 [5]