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Ronald Hendrikx

Ron Hendrikx

Ron Hendrikx

Ron Hendrikx is a candidate for council in North Marysburgh, Ward 8, Prince Edward County. Hendrikx is an electrical engineer. He worked as a project manager at Visteon. He studied electrical engineering for four years at the University of Toronto and received a degree in business from Queens University.

Hendrikx has lived in the county for the past 25 years. He says he discovered the County one day while commuting from Queens University in Kingston to Toronto. Tired of driving the 401, he decided to take the scenic route. It was the first time he visited the County, and he says he knew he would eventually settle down there.

Hendrikx considers himself a hands-on person and says there needs to needs to be more technical expertise on council. Council accountability is a key issue for Hendrikx. He also says it is important for councillors to be responsive and represent the public.


Hendrikx is also familiar with environmental issues. He has been a volunteer and supporter of the environmental group Earthroots since 1986. He says the introduction of wind turbines to Prince Edward Counties is negatively impacting the ecosystem in Prince Edward County and the municipality’s ability to protect it is limited.

In Hendrikx’s free time, he enjoys music. He plays guitar, drums and the cello.


Contact #: 613-848-1160

Email: ronhendrikx@gmail.com [1]