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Hockeyville money improves local arena

Sylvan Lake Alberta may be this years winners of Kraft Hockeyville but the Stirling-Rawdon community is still coming together from their 2012 win. Reporter Jayvon Lake visited the upgraded stadium in Stirling for the story.

It’s been two years since the Stirling-Rawdon Township was crowned Hockeyville. Since then, the Stirling District Recreation Centre has had improvements with the help of Kraft and the help of the community. Arena manager Richard dean took us on a tour of the arena showing the new updates

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Stirling being crowned Hockeyville was when the real work started. Dean had a number of visits and meetings with the Kraft and NHLPA board frequently. The competition may have brought the arena more money to make updates like the new recycled tire floor or the filtration system throughout the arena but what lasted was the community who worked together to win the competition.

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