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Hunting vs. school: it’s a student’s choice

By Morgan Davy [1]

BELLEVILLE – Deer hunting season opened Monday in southeastern Ontario.

Many people choose to take time off work to go hunting, but that decision is much more difficult for students wanting to miss class.

Loyalist College [2] automotive student Scott Doyle says although he loves the thrill of the hunt, school is more important.

“It’s more for fun when I have time. I’d rather not give up money or give up the education that I need. There were some days in high school where it wasn’t as important as college, but I would never take a day off college unless I had that free day.”

Hailee Daniels, an employee at local outdoors store Chesher’s, [3] says that hunting has always been an important tradition that she looks forward to all year.

“What hunting means to me is family time, so I’m more apt to tell someone to take the time off and be with their family. You know, you only get to do this stuff every so often and family is only around for so long… that, to me, is more important than a week in school.”

Dan McKeown, a professor at Loyalist, says faculty understands that some students depend on hunting to provide for their family, and must miss school to do it.

“We try to facilitate the students however we can, so generally it’s not an issue. If it’s kind of the students’ hobby or their livelihood, providing we’re in an area that the curriculum covers that we can try to work around some of their scheduling, we try to facilitate that.”

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