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Police know identity of woman whose body was found in quarry

Car being towed away from quarry on Stirling Marmora Road. [1]

The black SUV found Wednesday morning in the Harold Quarry on Stirling-Marmora Road, its back window smashed, is towed from the site. Photo by Taylor Broderick

By Taylor Broderick [2]

STIRLING – The identity of a woman’s body found in a quarry off Highway 14 is now known by the Stirling-Rawdon Police [3].

Police Chief Dario Cecchin told QNet News Thursday morning that the identity of the woman, who is approximately 65 years old, will not be released to the public unless the autopsy reveals evidence that a crime has been committed.

The autopsy was being performed Thursday morning and will provide more evidence about whether the death was accidental, Cecchin said.

If the autopsy shows the death was anything but accidental, the police will release the cause of death to the public, he said.

Along with a body, a black SUV with a smashed back window was found Wednesday morning at the Harold Quarry.

Cecchin said the body was floating atop the water while the SUV was partly submerged in the quarry.

Police received reports of a vehicle in the water Wednesday morning. Emergency crews used an inflatable craft to recover the body and perform a search of the area, Cecchin said.

“We were fortunate to have the immediate assistance of the emergency fire services of Stirling-Rawdon and Trent Hills [4] to perform a water-based recovery of the vehicle and the person,” he said.

Cecchin explained that although he has not been with the Stirling-Rawdon Police for long [5], he has heard of incidences of abandoned vehicles left in the quarry. But he has not heard of any bodies ever being found there before this, he said.