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Movember a tough time for those who can’t grow moustaches

By Riley Maracle [1]

BELLEVILLE – November is a time to grow moustaches to show support for men’s health. But, there are some who aren’t able to participate in this event.

Adam Fairbrass is a 20-year-old welding student and has never been able to grow a moustache.

“Ever since I’ve been a baby, I just haven’t been able to grow a moustache,” Fairbrass said. “Nothing really I could have done about, really its dad’s fault, if anyone. He gave me bad genes, I just wanted a big thick caterpillar on my lip and he just couldn’t offer that to me.”

Fairbrass is roommates with Brent Waldie, who has been growing a beard for five months. Fairbrass says this makes him  sad sometimes.

“Am I jealous? A little bit, but you’ve just got to think of the positives in life,” said Fairbrass.

Waldie said he uses just one word to describe his moustache – masculine.

He added that he is very proud of the beard he has grown and would like to grow it until the day he dies.

Fairbrass says he continues to live by the glass half-full mentality.

“You see someone in the hallway growing a beard and you think, hey, he’s probably way to warm right now,” said Fairbrass. “I am taking off my layers but he’s got a rug on his face, what’s he going to do?”

Fairbrass hopes that one day he will be able to able to grow a thick moustache like his roommate.

“Judging at the rate I am going now, I don’t want to say no and cap it off there. But, I am going to be optimistic here and say maybe next year (my moustache) is going to get a bit better. But, it’s still early in the month so we don’t know where it’s going to end up.”