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Loyalist students respond to Tim Hortons price hike

by Joseph Quigley [1]

BELLEVILLE – Loyalist Students said they have mixed feelings about Tim Hortons [2]raising its coffee prices across the country by ten cents on Wednesday.

Ty Willhem, a 3rd year Business Administration student, said the changes are understandable, but he opposes them.

“I understand the gravity behind rising operational costs, but I also understand that, that can be a tactic to justify increased prices,” said Willhelm. “I think what they should do is keep their coffee prices consistent, and instead raise the prices on all their other things such as breakfast sandwiches to make up for the loss. Because coffee is their staple.”

Breakfast sandwich prices will also rise by ten cents, but that change will not happen in Ontario.

According to Loraine Rodgers, a supervisor at Loyalist’s [3] Tim Hortons branch, the rising costs are likely a result of increased costs of imported coffee beans.

Rodgers said she has received multiple complaints about the price hike, but she has no part in the change.

Other students said they do not mind the change much.

Mark Tapsell, a 2nd year TVNM student, said the extra dime for coffee will not affect him.

“You know what, if I was strapped for cash, I definitely would not be thrilled about it. I’m happy to be somewhat financially stable right now. I don’t think the ten cent increase, for me personally is much of a big deal. I’ll keep buying coffee just because it’s coffee, it’s essential,” said Tapsell.

Several students said they would stomach the change, and it would not stop them from buying their daily coffee.

Skye Dusa, a 1st-year developmental service worker student, said that Tim Hortons knows that their customers will stay loyal.

“I’m still gonna drink it because its Timmies, and they know that, that’s why they did it. But (I’m) not very happy about it considering. But what can you do?”