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Tourist numbers drop slightly in Prince Edward County

By Cam Kennedy [1]

BELLEVILLE – The number of tourists to visit Prince Edward County [2] decreased this year, but the head of the county’s main tourism organization says he isn’t too concerned.

The slight dip in numbers since 2013 is normal, says Mike McLeod, who is the general manager for the Prince Edward County Chamber of Tourism and Commerce [3].

The county has tracked this information since 2000, by counting the number of visitors who stop in to the tourism office in Picton. McLeod said he feels that this year’s curve in numbers is nothing out of the ordinary.

A few factors played into the decrease in the number of tourists, he said.

“The economy is still not terrific for everybody. People are a bit more sensitive where they want to spend their money. The gas prices of course were up at that time too. So if you are looking at where you want to spend your money and how you’re going to spend your money then those become critical factors.”

With a new year approaching, McLeod said he is looking forward to tourism in the county for 2015.

“The one thing that is positive news – for this coming year, for 2015 – is that the amount of information we sent out, like maps and brochures, was up over the last two years,” he said. “It’s going to be kind of interesting to see what happens with that.”