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QHC cuts nine jobs

By Katie Coleman [1]

BELLEVILLE – Quinte Health Care [2] cut 9 jobs Wednesday morning.

Six of the jobs were in management, the other three were supervisory positions.

The cuts come in the midst of budget cuts for the institution. A budget gap of $12 million [3]was announced on November 25th at Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital. [4]

“The annual savings for for these 9 positions is a little less than $1 million and that’s salary and benefits included,” says Susan Rowe who is the Senior Director of Communications for Quinte Health Care.

The annual budget for 2015 is $193 million.

There should not be any negative effects on the level of care, according to Rowe.

“These were very valuable individuals to our organization. They certainly added a lot. The work that they were doing has been reallocated to others in the organization so we don’t any direct impact to patient care.”

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