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Environment Canada predicts the first real snowfall of the season

By Brittany Lane [1]

BELLEVILLE – Residents of Northumberland [2] and Hastings [3] counties can expect to see a blanket of snow by the end of this week. But it may not be as bad as advertised.

Environment Canada’s warning preparedness meteorologist Peter Kimbell says the Belleville area will only have five centimetres of snow by Wednesday afternoon, with another 5 to 10 centimetres overnight.

“We’re looking for the snow to be moving to the area probably early tomorrow morning,” he said. “it will be close to 10 or 15 centimetres before it ends Wednesday night.”

Drivers are being warned to prepare for an onslaught of snow that will be moving in from the southeast Tuesday, only to become sporadic later in the evening.

In a press release from Northumberland OPP, acting inspector Rob Kobayashi says that weather changes can occur suddenly and dramatically in Ontario during the winter months, and adds that they can disrupt road conditions and reduce visibility for drivers.

The release goes on to say that driving too fast for road conditions is the number one cause of winter accidents. They ask that drivers exercise caution throughout the week and season.

Kimbell says he’s hopeful that the roads will be relatively easy to maintain.

“Hopefully with adequate salting they should be able to clear the snow away fairly well and manage the roads,” he said. “Anytime we have snow roads do become slippery, so people should plan for slower driving and exercise caution accordingly.”