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Belleville mayor leaves Twitter

By John R. Moodie [1]

BELLEVILLE — Belleville mayor, Taso Christopher, was a major presence on social media during the 2014 Belleville municipal election. Through Twitter and Facebook he used social media to engage in a open dialogue with the community. Belleville’s previous mayor, Neil Ellis, used social media throughout his term as mayor to keep connected to the public. In the week following his inauguration Taso Christopher closed his Twitter account, leaving some people to question, why?

Here is a conversation that took place on Twitter over the weekend:

New Collection [2]

In the week before his inauguration Christopher sat down for an interview with QNet News. Here he speaks on the importance of engaging the public through various media:

After Belleville city council met this past Monday QNet News asked Mayor Christopher about closing his Twitter account. Here is what he had to say: