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Local pianist ‘honoured’ to play with 2015 Juno Award nominees

By Greg Murphy [1]

BELLEVILLE – A Carrying Place resident has a connection to this year’s Juno Awards [2].

Tony Silvestri is a touring member of Kingston’s own The Glorious Sons [3], an up-and-coming rock band that has been nominated for Rock Album of The Year [4].

“To see hard work pay off like that is totally gratifying. I’m totally proud of the guys and I’m totally honoured to be a part of the experience,” said Silvestri.

The 22-year-old full-time musician has had his hands full with the band since his recruitment in September 2014. He’s played two back-to-back cross-Canada tours, each a month long, first with Australia’s Airbourne [5], and secondly with Nova Scotia’s The Trews [6]. The Glorious Sons were touring to support their first full-length album, titled The Union [7]. They also have a seven-song EP, titled Shapeless Art.

“That was amazing, because I’d never been across the country before. I can’t say that I’ve seen that much of Canada really. So going out east and west was incredible,” he said.

Silvestri plays keyboard for the Sons. He also plays guitar and sings in other bands. Most notably, Silvestri has worked with April Wine [8] and Kim Mitchell [9], among other Canadian greats. He also works as a solo artist.

The Kingston hard-rock quintet will be unable to attend the Juno Awards ceremonies that will be taking place in Hamilton, Ont., in March, due to a tour of the United States.

Though it’s unfortunate the Sons won’t be able to attend, Silvestri says he’s looking forward to the two-month-long tour. It will be the band’s first venture south of the border.

“This is going to be a really good opportunity to get in front of some really big crowds. The bands we’re touring with are some pretty successful American hard rock bands. It’s going to be a really good tour for us, I think,” he said.

He’s helped in writing and recording new material for the band’s next album.

“It’s a complete honour to play with The Glorious Sons in the first place because they are a great rock’n’roll band. They’re definitely a silver lining in the music industry, in my opinion.”

QNet News tried to get hold of the band for comment on the nomination but was told they had other engagements and would not be able to be reached until after press time.

Ian Stanger, a co-owner of the group’s record label, Black Box Records [10], says they’ve worked hard to get where they are.

“The band has come a really, really long way over the last year … (From) having a radio single to a couple of national tours in support of the first album, to now the nomination, we feel this is very well deserved,” said Stanger.