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Motorcycle mamas motivated

“There’s no comparison. You can be in a car but you’ve got windows. You’re on a bike, you’ve got nothing. It’s that freedom of feeling the air. It’s just something that totally takes away everything. Your mind is in a completely different zone and you’re feeling in a completely different zone and I don’t know, it’s just being out there ( pause ) the freedom.” – Amanda Bray, assistant operations manager, MotoSport Plus.

As International Women’s Day approaches, themed with a “Make it Happen” slogan, a group of motivated women gathered to chase a common goal – they want to ride motorcycles. Over 50 women gathered at MotoSport Plus in Kingston last Friday for an evening of motorcycle basics and riding fundamentals in a comfortable, ladies-only environment.

“It’s mainly for new riders and women who have never ridden before,” said the event’s coordinator Kim Gascoigne.

“They usually come in a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect or what’s going to happen if they’ve never been before, and then they leave with more of a confidence after they realize it’s not so scary.”

Video by Carla Antonio