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Open house to teach Tweed residents about flooding

The high waters of the Moira River during spring time. (File Photo) [1]

The high waters of the Moira River during spring time. (QNet News/File Photo)

By Cam Kennedy [2]

BELLEVILLE – After substantial flooding took place last year in Tweed [3], the area’s residents hope to be better prepared in case of another flood.

The municipality will be hosting an open house to discuss how to handle flooding.

Rachelle Hardesty, Tweed’s public information officer for emergency management, said this session will provide residents with the preparation needed in case a flood happens.

“We don’t know what to assume from Mother Nature, so we can’t predict what is going to happen this year,” Hardesty said. “But what we are doing is giving residents information on how to prepare for flooding and what their role is with flooding.”

This is the first time the municipality has hosted an open house about how to prepare for a potential natural disaster.

The high waters last year caused the municipalities of Tweed, Centre Hastings [4] and the City of Belleville [5] to declare emergencies.

“I think it’s really important that we are organized and know the steps to be taken if an emergency does happen,” Hardesty said. “Now it is just getting the information out to the residents to ensure the safety to everyone.”

Members of public works staff, the fire chief, an Ontario Provincial Police representative and members of other services in Hastings County will be in attendance.

The open house will feature talks about preparing sandbags as well as other key information, Hardesty said.

“We encourage people to have a “72 hour kit” (three day emergency kit) with them,” Hardesty said. “That information about what’s in a “72 hour kit” will be provided and showcased.”

The open house will take place at the Tweed Municipal office on March 23 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.