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Sweet escape

By Giovanni Capriotti and Video by Annie Sakkab

In a country which is home to the world’s northernmost settlement, the harsh winter has always been revered as a chance to get out and enjoy an array of

different activities, involving all ages and genders.

For the rest of the world, Canada is synonymous with snow and ice. But for the true Canadian, the cold season is a matter of pride and a celebration of nature’s wildest side.

Winter activities are a great chance for a social life, preventing people from the dangers of “living room laziness.”

To walk or skate on a frozen lake may sound exotic and risky to those living at more temperate latitudes. But for Canadians, ice in all its forms plays a crucial role. Winter

is definitely hockey season, but ice-fishing time is also a popular pastime.

It is not uncommon to drive by a frozen lake and spot tiny, colourful tents or hutscontrasting the winter whiteness. Normally, those spartan shelters host a few brave

souls who took the time to walk on a frozen lake, drill a couple of holes and set up a few lines with several baits.