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Local teachers continue work-to-rule action

By Stephanie Clue [1]

BELLEVILLE – Local elementary teachers say they will continue with their work-to-rule [2] action while the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario [3] keeps negotiating with the province.

Dave Henderson, president of the local branch of the federation, says representatives will be going back to the table to finish negotiating later this month.

In the meantime, teachers are continuing to refuse to take part in activities such as field trips and student fundraisers, although they remain in the classroom.

Belleville resident Cheryl Bruyea is worried about how the work-to-rule action will affect her children.

“Both my children suffer from special needs,” says Bruyea, adding that she is afraid her sons might get left behind in their learning.

The possibility of a strike has Bruyea fearful for her children’s education:

http://www.qnetnews.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/selection-from-chyrl-bruyea-interview-1.mp3 [4]

With no field trips the majority of learning for students will be happening in the classroom. As Bruyea points out, not all children learn in the same way.

“Not everyone learns from a book.”