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A shooting range in Brighton?

By William Proulx [1]

BRIGHTON– A Brighton [2] resident has presented a project to open a rural shooting range.

William Benn, a member of the military, pitched his proposal at a Brighton council meeting on Sept. 21.

If passed, the proposal will see the shooting range open up on Cameron Road on the 44-hectare property in the hamlet of Codrington. Benn does not yet own the property; he says he is looking into purchasing the land. The next step in his process is to meet with the real-estate company and begin conversations about purchasing the land, then follow up with the municipality about the possibility of the shooting range, he said.

“If everything goes well we’d like to start construction in early April,” he told QNet News Wednesday.

Traffic and noise are some of the concerns that Brighton councillors expressed at the Sept. 21 council meeting.

The range will have to take precautions in order to limit traffic, said Benn.

Coun. Mary Tadman told QNet that it is too early in the process to take the project seriously just yet – and there is still a lot for Benn to do in order for council to fully consider the idea.

On Thursday, Benn spoke with the neighbours of the property to get their opinions on having a shooting range close by. They all give it a thumbs-up, he said.