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Prince Edward County gets award for community marketing

By Justin Medve [1]

BELLEVILLE — The Economic Developers Association of Canada has given Prince Edward County [2] its most prestigious marketing award.

The county was recognized for a video called Progress Redefined that was produced for it by advertising company BBDO [3] and boutique production company Someplace Nice TV [4]. It highlights how the county is keeping to the roots of its culture and using traditional resources to progress as a community.

The video shows Prince Edward’s County’s specialization in agriculture, winemaking and art. It also shows stunning rural landscapes.

The Economic Developers Association’s website [5] says it is looking for the themes that are in the local video when choosing award recipients.

“To us, sustainability is about mindfulness – being mindful of one’s place, processes, and mentality in order to influence change for the better of our communities, local and global,” it says. “Sustainable marketing practices have minimal long-term effect on the environment. Sustainable marketing just makes good sense. It is about gaining the competitive advantage by adopting a holistic, environmentally-friendly mentality that is clear in your marketing tactics.”

Prince Edward County was chosen from over 100 nominated Canadian towns and cities.