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Loyalist’s outdoor ice rink waiting for winter

ice rink [1]

Loyalist College’s outdoor ice rink being built beside residences. This will be the fourth year for the rink. Photo by Ashley Clark

By Ashley Clark [2]

Loyalist College’s outdoor ice rink is underway now that winter is coming.

Facility workers Mark Genereaux and Rob Shire have spent the afternoon building the rink’s foundation. This is their first year doing the outdoor rink.

Shire and Genereaux said they are trying a new method this year and hope it will be more effective than previous years.

ice-rink-build [3]

From left, Mark Genereaux and Rob Shire working on the outdoor ice rink at Loyalist College. Photo by Ashley Clark

Although last year’s failed attempt can partially be blamed on weather.

“The way winter went it just didn’t work out,” said Shire, kneeling beside the base of the new rink-in-progress.

The process for this year’s rink requires a flat ground with wooden planks staked in as a border. A tarp is then laid inside the area and filled with about three inches of water.

The next step is waiting for Mother Nature to make it cold, Shire said.

“Here in Canada it’s got to get cold sooner or later,” he said.

As long as it’s below zero, the rink should be a success, he added.

This will be Loyalist’s fourth year having the rink.