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Belleville store sign says Merry Christmas, gains popularity on Facebook

By Deanna Fraser [1] and Emilie Quesnel [2]

BELLEVILLE – Belleville’s Canadian Tire [3] is attracting attention with its Merry Christmas sign [4] on the storefront.

A customer snapped a photo of the big sign last year and posted it to Facebook where it continues to attract this year. It has been shared almost 9000 times. It has received mainly positive feedback.

The store has made this decision in the midst of the debate about staying neutral in holiday greetings.

Most organizations are impartial when expressing holiday wishes to avoid favouring one religion over another.

Starbucks has recently faced backlash [5] over its holiday cups which are plain red this year rather than displaying a Christmas theme. Many called the cups a “war on Christmas”.

QNet News will be speaking with customers and staff of the store.