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Mixed expectations for Loyalist volleyball teams

By Buckley Smith [1]

BELLEVILLE – The coaches for the men’s and women’s Loyalist Lancer [2] volleyball teams say they have very different expectations for their teams going into the second semester.

Women's volleyball coach Dominique Dawes. Photo from loyalistlancers.com [3]

Women’s volleyball coach Dominique Dawes. Photo from loyalistlancers.com [4]

With the women’s team surging up the rankings all season, coach Dominique Dawes [5] says she only sees them getting better.

“The girls are definitely getting stronger and playing more together as a team,” said Dawes. “So in my opinion we will only get stronger in this semester.”

With nine wins and three losses, the Lady Lancers are currently sitting in third place in the rankings.

According to Dawes, this isn’t just because of one or two star players.

“They are learning (from) each other and how each other plays, and really supporting each other where they might not be as strong,” said Dawes.

So with a total team effort and high hopes, Dawes says the wins should keep coming.

On the men’s side, they have struggled to start the season with a record of four wins and seven losses.

“This season compared to others is a rebuilding season,” said Chris Jenkins [6], the men’s volleyball team coach.

Men's volleyball team coach Chris Jenkins. Photo from loyalistlancers.com [7]

Men’s volleyball team coach Chris Jenkins. Photo from loyalistlancers.com [4]

“First semester didn’t pan out how we thought it would,” said Jenkins. “We let a few matches slip past us that we should have won, but that comes with learning curves.”

 Jenkins, who wasn’t involved with recruiting prior to this season, said he is enjoying the time to get to know his players better.

Jenkins pointed out several players who have shone through.

“A few players stood out,” said Jenkins. “Ben Hoftyzer on offence, Trey Olympia on defence, Joe Bresee on the serving line and Adam Strickland in (the position of) serve receive.”

So while the men’s team is looking forward to getting a chance to keep on improving, starting with their next game on January 13th , the women’s team will be looking to continue their winning ways in their upcoming games.

You can find information on both of these teams and all the other Loyalist Lancer sports on their new website at www.loyalistlancers.com.