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Lower Trent warns of possibility of more flooding and risk of water contamination

By Jordan Merkley [1]

BELLEVILLE – Lower Trent Conservation has issued a flood warning along the Trent River between Glen Ross and Frankford.

Residents near Cooke Armstrong Rd. in the town of Glen Ross are experiencing flooding as the water has been rising over the past week.

An ice jam has formed across the Trent River which is causing increasing water levels, according to officials. These ice jams occur when there is a lack of ice cover and exposure of the water surface to cold temperatures below -18 degrees Celsius. This triggers the formation of frazil ice, a collection of loose, random ice crystals in water, which can accumulate quickly on bridge abutments, piers and riverbanks and block the flow of water.

These high water levels could cause flooding in low lying areas such as driveways and access roads. Officials say residents should make sure their sump pumps are working and secure any property along the river banks.

A flood watch also remains in effect for the Trent River from Hastings to Trenton.

Along with these flood warnings, a well advisory has been issued.

Wells or cisterns that have been flooded may be contaminated. Officials are advising residents to use alternative water supplies such as bottled water for things like drinking and preparing food.

Boiling water will not remove chemical contaminants, so contaminated water should be tested to confirm that it is safe to use.

For more information visit the Hastings Prince Edward Public Health [2] website, or click here [3] for more on drinking water affected by flooding.