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Quinte Humane Society lifts quarantine

By Tara Henley [1]

BELLEVILLE – After being closed to the public for almost a month, the dog area at the Quinte Humane Society [2] is no longer under quarantine.

The area was closed just over three weeks ago when it was discovered that a deadly virus had made its way into the shelter. Canine Parvovirus [3] is very contagious and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite and low energy in dogs that have been exposed.

In a news release sent out Monday morning, executive director Frank Rockett said there have been no new cases of the canine parvovirus for the past three weeks. He also said a total of 13 dogs were euthanized, under the recommendation of a veterinarian. A number of dogs at the shelter with the virus were transferred to the Toronto Humane Society [4] for treatment.

Some veterinarians in the area are currently offering vaccines at a discounted price [5] for puppies and older dogs that have never been vaccinated, according to the news release. The society also urges the public to take advantage of the “First Set of Vaccine” clinics in the Belleville area to prevent another outbreak of parvovirus in the future.

More to come.