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Local musician takes the stage at Loyalist

Jon Stevens

Jon Stevens is a local musician who came to perform for students on Wednesday at Loyalist College during the universal break lunch hour.

By Haley Rose [1]

BELLEVILLE – Loyalist College [2] welcomed a local face to the stage in the Shark Tank Pub on Wednesday.

Jon Stevens is a Belleville native and a Loyalist graduate, who returned to the school to share his music with students.

The 24-year-old said he first took an interest in music when he and his dad were driving home from hockey one night and he was singing a song on the radio. He said his dad told him he sounded pretty good and then he began to wonder if he really was.

His first real music experience was playing at his grade eight graduation and he said he hasn’t stopped since.

Three months ago Stevens decided to release an album. He said he only had three or four songs, and began writing a song a week to complete the album.

When he decided to make the album Stevens also decided to crowdfund to raise money to make it.

“For a long time I didn’t think people wanted to hear what I had to say but now with the way I’m writing, I think they do.”

He’s using the crowdfunded money to produce the album and get the CD out there. He’s hoping the album makes money, and if and when it does, it will be donated to the MS Society of Canada [3]. Stevens says that’s in honor of his mother who has multiple sclerosis.

Although music is a big part of his life, surprisingly it is only something he does on the side.

Throughout the week he works as an account manager for an industrial supply company. All of his other free time on the weekend goes into being in the studio.

Stevens said he likes to write about the things he and the people he loves like to do. Playing pond hockey and having bonfires on the weekend are some of his inspirations.

“Small towns have a way of raising you. You fight it for so long and then one day you finally give in and say ‘that’s who I am’.”

Apart from writing his own songs, Stevens also sings covers of songs. He said it helps catch people’s attention.

He tries not to classify his music style and said that people will put him where they think he goes.

“I would say it’s more of that new country feel with a deep, deep, home feeling vibe that old country gives you. But there are also some songs on the album that you would think could be played on any station. I try not to put myself in a bubble and just write whatever comes to me. If I love it, then I sing it.”

Stevens said his favourite part about performing is the nerves. He said it excites him and that he thrives under pressure. Being able to play the same songs for a crowd that they would hear on an album is something he believes people really appreciate about his music.

“Me and my guitar, that’s how it starts but not how it ends.”

For more information on Steven’s music and his upcoming album click here [4].