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#ItsNeverOkay hashtag to help combat sexual violence

By Jordan Merkley [4]

BELLEVILLE – The Ontario government  [5]is using a hashtag to help stop sexual harassment and violence.

There is an ongoing conversation on Twitter to raise awareness about this issue using the hashtag #ItsNeverOkay [6].

Ontario high schools, colleges and universities are joining the conversation and taking the initiative to make safety on campus a priority.

Although Loyalist has not joined the conversation on Twitter yet, it is part of their plan as they continue to promote awareness on sexual assault and violence, according to Dianne Spencer, executive director of college advancement and external relations at Loyalist College.

“It’s incredibly important to bring this forward and have this conversation continue so that awareness is heightened for everyone, and so we can come to a different place as a society in terms of awareness and what is and isn’t okay,” said Spencer.

Loyalist updated their sexual assault and sexual violence policy [12] in March 2015, and are continuing to promote awareness on the issue according to Spencer. She also says that safety on campus is the number one priority.

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Loyalist also provides information on what to do and resources for assistance on the college website [14].

The provincial government has also released a commercial [15] stressing that if it’s not okay to say, it’s never okay to do.