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Hardcore rock couple performing live Friday night

playhouse pic

Shanda Mochulla, whose stage name is Lady Lee, and Brandon Welling performing at the Pinnacle Playhouse in Belleville.  Photo courtesy of Brandon Welling

By Nikolai Karpinski [1]

BELLEVILLE – The lead singers of the hardcore rock band Fingers X’D [2] are playing live music at The Grind Café in Trenton this Friday.

Frankford residents Brandon Welling and Shanda Mochulla started singing together seven years ago. From there Mochulla joined the Welling’s band, Fingers X’D, and the two became husband and wife.

The two “did some acoustic stuff at home, and I started saying to her, ‘You’ve got to step up here and start singing, because you sing beautifully,’ ” Welling told QNet News Wednesday.

Mochulla has the same feeling for music that he does, he said. “I’ll be sitting there playing and singing something – she won’t even know what I’m singing, and she’ll join in with backup vocals. It’s very nice working with her.”

Fingers X’D records on its own label. The band is working on a new album that will be recorded in February.

The album follows in the wake of their most recent single, We Want Rock. The band is currently ranked No. 3 on local charts with Reverb Nation [3].

Fingers X’D is also scheduled to perform in Belleville at The Duke’s Pub [4] on March 11.

The show Friday starts at 7 p.m. and ends at 9. The Grind Café [5] is located at 45 Front St. in Trenton.