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Local producers optimistic as Ontario approves sale of craft cider in grocery stores


Waupoos cider kegs are stockpiled at the County Cider Company distribution office in Picton to meet the growing demand for craft cider. Photo by Corey Jacobs, QNet News

By Corey Jacobs [1]

PICTON – Ontario’s craft ciders and fruit wines [2] will be joining craft beer on grocery shelves this fall.

Grant Howes, owner of County Cider Co. [3] in Picton, says he’s optimistic about the future of his product.

“The demand for cider is really growing globally,” Howes said in an interview at his distribution office Tuesday. “But the craft cider market is still growing exponentially.”

Grant Howes

County Cider Company owner Grant Howes will be selling his brands in farmers’ markets. Photo by Corey Jacobs, QNet News


Cider and wine will also be sold at farmers’ markets.

Howes says he’s having a marketing truck redone and has already made an application to Kingston’s Public Market.

“That goes back to my youth when I used to work there selling apples,” Howes said. “I’m really looking forward to getting back to my roots.”

County Cider owns its own orchard in the village of Waupoos [4], a name shared with the company’s best-selling cider. The meaning of the name comes from the area’s history.

“Our cider is named after a shaman who lived on Waupoos Island just of the coast,” Howes said.

Howes has been making cider since 1995, and says he will continue to make new flavours.